Convertible Term Life Insurance

Convertibility, in our view, is one of the least known but most important features of Term Life Insurance.  Almost every policy we sell has this feature and it's important for our customers to know it's there. 

Convertible Term Life Insurance works like this...

Say you purchased a 20 year convertible term plan.  In the 18th year of having the coverage in force, you found out that you have cancer.  If your plan was not convertible, it is likely that your coverage will go out of force (or you'll have to get ART) and you'll be without coverage at a time when you need it the most.  Conversion allows you to secure a permanent plan of an equal or lower face amount as your term plan without proving insurability.  In other words-- you'll be covered until the ripe old age of 100 and you will receive the same health classification that you received when your term plan was originally purchased.  The insurance company would be "blind" to any adverse change in your health.

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