Mortgage Life Insurance

One of the most common uses of Life Insurance is to cover mortgage loans.  The death of the main bread winner in a family can force difficult decisions or, at worst, financial ruin.  Since the largest debt is generally the mortgage on a home-- if a surviving spouse can't afford to make payments to the bank-- hardship will continue to plague the stricken family.  This is an unfortunate fact of life, but something nobody needs to experience if adequate life insurance is in place. 

There was a time when a unique niche of life insurance products were on the market.  These products were designed to specifically cover a home loan and had features such as decreasing term, decreasing face amount etc.  In short-- the coverage mimicked the loan liability.  As the principal and time remaining on the loan decreased-- so did the life insurance. 

Then things changed... Updated actuarial tables took into account that Americans were living longer.  This meant that we earned premium reductions for life insurance.  With the reductions, niche products like decreasing term insurance have lost their appeal.  It's now possible to keep the entire face amount of a policy and for the entire length of time you desire it for a much better price when compared to policies that decrease in value.

It's best to consider a Level Premium, Level Term Life Insurance policy to secure your family's financial future.  More coverage, more time, lower cost... it makes sense to consider Term Life Insurance from QuoteSpring.


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