Non-Guaranteed Term Life Insurance

Non Guaranteed Term Life Insurance is just that... the rates will not be guaranteed for the entire term period.  This is not an oft recommended type of life insurance by QuoteSpring... but we have been asked for it on occasion.

What we sometimes have the opportunity to offer is term life insurance that costs less in the first years of, say, a 20 year term.  For an initial period, the premiums will be guaranteed.  Usually 5 or 10 years.  After that-- your premium can rise considerably.  Since this is a big unknown for our customers and we've found that people prefer to have rates that are low for the life of a policy and remain consistent and reliable-- we don't generally discuss this type of coverage unless we're specifically asked for it.  Rates are so low right now on level premium, level term life insurance that the cost differential between a non-guaranteed plan and a guaranteed plan does not justify living with the uncertainty of what will happen to premiums in the future.


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For over a century, West Coast Life Insurance Company has been a pioneer.  The A+ rated carrier has chalked up several "firsts" in the industry since 1906.  Their aggressive pursuit of smoother sailing with respect to life insurance