Permanent Life Insurance

QuoteSpring offers two main types of Permanent Life Insurance:

Universal Life Insurance is designed to be permanent coverage for the insured individual.  It typically combines protection against premature death with a cash value component.  The cash value component earns a money market rate of interest.  Death benefits can be altered during the period of time that the policy is in force within certain limits.

Often, increasing the face amount could entail another medical examination.  Once funds build up on a Universal Life Insurance policy, the insured person has flexibility with regard to premium payments.  Premiums can be skipped for instance.  Skipping premiums and allowing the premiums to be paid from the accumulated cash value can result in jeopardizing the permanent nature of the plan and can also cause the policy to lapse well before it matures.  QuoteSpring does not recommend Universal Life Insurance as an investment vehicle... It can play a valuable role in a portfolio but mainly for its value as a plan that is designed to stay in-force until a person's death.  In other words, we believe its value is in its permanence-- not the savings component.  We would be pleased to help you decide whether or not this plan is right for you... a simple phone is all it takes.  Or you can begin by running some quotes for Term Life Insurance vs. Universal Life Insurance on our site.  For Universal Life Quotes, choose "To Age 100 Level Guaranteed" form the "Initial Level Insurance Period" pull down menu. 

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Whole Life Insurance is the oldest form of cash value life insurance.  Whole Life Insurance also combines protection against premature death in combination with a savings account.  The main difference between Whole Life Insurance and Universal Life Insurance is that with Whole Life Insurance, the premiums are fixed and guaranteed and do not change throughout the policy's lifetime.  Increasingly, customers interested in Whole Life Insurance are searching for a low face amount plan designed to offer coverage for final expenses. (Burial Insurance)  Whole Life can be an ideal solution in this scenario since it can be purchased at an advanced age and still offer coverage until death. 

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