American General's Select A Term ROP is Here!

Life doesn’t always fit into neat little boxes of five-year increments that are the standard for most term insurance policies.  AIG Select-a-Term from American General Life Insurance Company offers...
a powerful new way to customize your life insurance plans to anticipate known future events such as retirement, paying off your mortgage or funding your child’s college education.

By selecting only the term coverage needed — 10-, 12-, or 15- through 30-year term periods — you avoid paying extra, unnecessary costs. You can further customize your coverage by selecting from one of the numerous available riders including: Accidental Death Benefit; Child Rider; Disability Income Rider; Terminal Illness Rider and Waiver of Premium. 

AIG Select-a-Term offers reliable insurance coverage backed by the financial stability and strength of American General Life, one of the most trusted names in the life insurance industry. And — like all of American General Life’s term policies — an AIG Select-a-Term policy can be converted to a permanent life insurance plan during the conversion period without evidence of insurability.

AIG Select-a-Term Policy Features:
• A choice of 10-, 12-, or 15- through 30-year terms of life insurance coverage

• Full convertibility to a permanent life insurance policy of the company’s choosing, up to the end of the level-premium period or age 75 of the insured, whichever comes first

• A terminal illness endorsement2 providing the option to accelerate the lesser of $250,000 or 50 percent of your policy death benefit, if insured is diagnosed by a qualified physician as having 12 months or fewer to live

Available Optional Riders:
• Accidental Death Benefit: Pays a death benefit in addition to the death benefit of the base policy if such death resulted from certain accidental injuries

• Waiver of Premium: Automatically pays policy premiums in the event of the insured’s total disability (not available if the face amount of the policy exceeds $5 million)

• Child Rider: Available for issue for children 15 days or older but less than 19 years old

• Disability Income Rider: Pays a monthly benefit up to two years if you are unable to work because of an illness or injury. While you are receiving benefits under this rider all policy and rider premiums are waived.

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